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Innervisions for the Outer You

Innervisions for the Outer You

  • The Trio Method is a thoughtful fusion of exercises that address the three components of a sound fitness program: cardiovascular endurance, strength and flexibility within a mind/body and spiritual practice for complete holistic health.  Trio is an acronym for total results inside and out.  Jamie takes it a step further by ensuring balance between opposing muscle groups, joint stability and optimizing results without compromising the muscular skeletal system over time.  The focus is on posture, alignment, and safe but effective exercise.


Innervisions for the Outer You

Innervisions for the Outer You

Innervisions for the Outer You

  • Your 21 day journey to a focused mind, fit body and joyful spirit!  Innervisions for the Outer You  addresses the underlying reasons why people have difficulty sticking to a healthy lifestyle.  This three pronged Mind, Body and Spiritual journey is a step by step process that guides individuals to live their best life.


Jamie Gallo

Innervisions for the Outer You

Jamie Gallo

  • Lover of Grace, Gratitude and Greatness!  Mind, body and spiritual guru.  xo

  Jamie Gallo has been in the forefront of the fitness movement for over thirty years.  She is the author of Innervisions for the Outer You and the creator of The Trio Method.  Both of her signature programs are Mind/Body and Spiritually based for complete holistic health. 
 As a health and fitness expert, Jamie has been seen on QVC, HSN and as the host of numerous infomercials.  In addition to Innervisions for the Outer You, Jamie has authored The Zodiac Diet and the Bun Blaster exercise manual.
 Known for her warmth and energy, she has taught children to octogenarians how to get fit, stay fit and feel better about themselves, all while having fun!

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We offer personal training, small group instruction and life coaching using our signature trio method philosophy.  View The T.R.I.O. Project, enjoy our blog, and check out our product offerings.

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Join our Clubtrio Facebook page for tips, workouts, and great community support.  If you live in the LA area, please join us on our monthly community hikes.  We would love to get to know you!

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Nancy R. lost 50 lbs with trio. "Jamie's guidance gave me the encouragement to exercise daily, eliminate sugar and to feel sexy again".

Andie Rose:  "Jamie's enthusiasm and caring spirit helped me to push ahead when I was having a tough time.  Her coaching insights gave me many "aha" moments."

Mark H.  "People started to react more positively to me after I started to train with Jamie.  Spiritually, I realized it was time to seek help to curb my wine habit. I am profoundly grateful."   

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